Saturday, 24 June 2017

Show SSIDs in Windows 10 command prompt


In Windows, what is one quick way that I can list nearby detected wifi networks, and related information about access points?

I am currently working on an app and need to see if several access points share the same SSID, and IT does not allow me to install network stumblers or similar programs.


In the command prompt, you can use either "netsh wlan show networks" or "netsh wlan show all".

Example output of "netsh wlan show all":

More detailed instructions:

  1. Press the following key combination: [windows key] + R
  2. Type in "cmd" in the Run dialog that appears, then click OK
  3. Type in "netsh wlan show all" or "netsh wlan show networks"
  4. A list of nearby access points currently detected will appear if you have done this correctly

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