Sunday, 11 December 2016

Efficient way to find the sign of a number in Java


What is an efficient way to find the sign of a number in Java?


To find the sign of a number, you can use the signum() function. (e.g. Math.signum(), Integer.signum(), Long.signum(), etc.)

For example:

int sign1 = (int) Math.signum(-123); // -1
int sign2 = (int) Math.signum(222);  //  1
int sign3 = Integer.signum(-1234);   // -1

double sign4 = Math.signum(-123.0);  // -1.0
float sign5 = Math.signum(111.0f);   //  1.0f

double sign6 = Math.signum(0.0);     //  0.0


For more information (minimum JDK version, etc.), check out the references below.


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