Monday, 7 December 2015

Snap SVG to whole pixel using CSS


In most modern browsers and IE newer than IE9, how do I snap an SVG drawing container to the nearest sub-pixel?


Use the following CSS, where 'your-svg-container' is replaced by the actual ID or style class of your drawing inside your website.

#your-svg-container {
    /* svg */
    transform: translate(0, 0);


This SVG style rule appears to work in many modern browsers. It can be useful if a website contains a SVG drawing that has elements that align to whole pixels, such as a grid. If such a drawing lands on a fraction of a pixel, it can appear blurry, depending on the browser's rendering engine.

This blurry alignment can happen when non-pixel alignment techniques are used, such as aligning to units such as em, %, or pt, or using computed alignment such as centered alignment (i.e. your drawing will be blurry upon every odd or even page size).


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