Monday, 6 April 2015

Export open tabs in Chrome without a plugin (in order to share them with someone)


How can I export open Chrome/Chromium tabs in order to share them? I have a bunch of tabs that a friend has opened in Chrome on my computer as part of some research that they were doing, and they would like to have a list of the opened tabs to continue working on their own computer.


There are a few ways to share open tabs in Chrome. However, one of the easier ways to do this without a plugin is to simply bookmark all open tabs into a new bookmark folder, edit the saved bookmarks, export the bookmarks to a HTML file, and then share the HTML file. The file can be imported back into Chrome on another computer.

  • To bookmark all opened tabs, select in the main menu: Bookmarks -> Bookmark All Tabs
  • To edit the bookmarks: In the Bookmark Manager, create a new folder for the tabs and then edit out the ones you don't want to share
  • To export (while in the bookmark manager): 1) select a folder, 2) do one of the following (depending on your version of Chrome):
    • Click 'organize' (top of the right-hand side of the manager) -> Export Bookmarks to HTML file, or
    • Click the gear button -> Export Bookmarks

Importing these bookmarks in Chrome follows a similar process:

  • (main menu) -> Bookmarks -> Bookmark Manager
  • Organize -> Import Bookmarks from HTML File


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