Tuesday, 29 November 2016

View GWT emulated Long in browser developer tools


I would like to see the long value of a GWT emulated Long in my browser's developer tools.

I already know how to pause and debug my web app, but when I inspect a Long value, it looks similar to {h:0, m:544, l:54210}.


Imagine that we have an emulated Long value: myLongVal={h:1, m:234, l:567}

To translate this to a human-readable Long (in most, but not all cases), type the following in the developer tools console:

myLongVal.h*Math.pow(2,44) + myLongVal.m*Math.pow(2,22) + myLongVal.l

(See screenshot)


This was verified to work in GWT 2.7. Your mileage may vary for other versions.

The above method should work for Long values that are low enough. However, overflow may occur for larger emulated Long values as the cast to a Javascript double does not cover as many bits as a long integer.

Note that if you have a browser that actually supports 64-bit integers or larger, you might be able to use the following:

(myLongVal.h << 44) + (myLongVal.m << 22) + myLongVal.l


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