Sunday, 27 November 2016

Chrome CPU throttling


I would like to slow down, or throttle Chrome to test my web app's responsiveness. My computer is too fast to represent devices in the real world.


Enable CPU throttling in Chrome Developer Tools:

  • F12 to open developer tools in Chrome
  • click on the "Timeline" tab
  • click the CPU throttling drop-down (beside the trash can/garbage collect icon) (see image below)
  • select your desired throttle speed


This was verified to work in Chrome version 54. Your mileage my vary with different versions and on different machines.

Also note that while this may help simulate and uncover some performance issues for scripts during development, it may not completely simulate issues experienced on slower devices. Using a virtual machine, or a real test machine would generally be preferred for more comprehensive testing.

Nonetheless, a big "thank you" to the Chrome developers for including such a useful feature :)


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