Friday, 12 December 2014

Sync shared Google calendars to BlackBerry Passport or BB10 device


I have some Google calendars that were shared with me, however I cannot see them in my BlackBerry's calendar. How do I sync these shared calendars? As of now (December 2014) the official Google Calendar apps are not available on the Passport.


  • Go to
  • Check any calendars that you want to sync
  • Go to the Passport/BB10 calendar and refresh (click menu button on bottom right, click refresh)
  • Wait for a few minutes until all events sync, they will show up then


There have been other solutions online using third party apps or adding CalDAV accounts. However, for basic viewing needs the above solution seems to work. The CalDAV method is considered less secure by Google so it is not recommended.

This solution was tested in December 2014 to work using a BlackBerry Passport, OS version Your results may vary using different OS versions, using different devices, or if Google changes their calendar in the future.

This was attempted in OS 7, however the shared calendars did not show up. Anyone out there have any luck with the older BB OS?

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