Friday, 6 December 2013

Create an ISO disk image from a CD/DVD in OS X


I would like to back up a disc to an ISO image using OS X. (This can be useful when backing up personal content such as photo albums, home movies, etc.)


  • Insert disc into disc drive
  • Open the "Disk Utility" application (Application -> Disk Utility)
  • Select your disc drive
  • Click on "New Image" (one of the buttons on the top of the window)
  • For "Image Format", select "DVD/CD master" (on the bottom)
  • Pick a filename and click "save". This should create a file with a .cdr extension
  • When the image is done being written to disk, rename the extension to .iso


  • If the original image does not have an extension .cdr, but instead has an extension .dmg, etc., "DVD/CD master" was not selected. Restart the process, but this time select "DVD/CD master" as the image format.


This should work on most versions of OS X until 10.9, and possibly even beyond. This how-to was tested to work using OS X 10.7 through 10.9.


This how-to was adapted and condensed from the link below. It was written as a reminder, in case the page below ever goes down.

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